Sunday, April 29, 2012

We Are Alive and Well

Here are a ton of random pictures of what we have been up to for the past 4 months! It seems like time has flown by lately as Ruby is already over 8 months old! She has had a lot of firsts lately as she has gotten her first two bottom teeth a couple of months ago.  She has learned to sit up and now army crawl and is so close to regular crawling! She eats all sorts of baby food and now feeds herself with starter finger foods! She is our petit little one with a huge smile!! She already shows signs of fitting right in with her older siblings as she has learned how to turn on and off her emotions when she doesn't get what she wants.  I don't know how but she does and it is like a light switch. 
Life has been very busy lately but we are having a great time and loving life.  We are especially grateful for the spring weather and the beautiful surroundings.  Everything is so green and pretty and full of life! Easter was nice this year.  The first pictures show our Easter this year.  Hopefully you enjoy the pictures and maybe it won't be too long before the next post, but don't hold your breath.  

 These two are classic Ruby when she turns it "on"! These are our beautiful nieces and handsome nephew  on the porch swing at grandmas on Easter. Ruby was fine and happy in Jordan's arms until I come walking up wanting a picture. Boy did she not like that.  Once she saw me she turned on the flood gates and make sure everyone knew that she wanted her mom to hold her not Jordan any longer.  This happens all the time and it drives me crazy! The one below is her mad that I put her down to take her picture.  Once she realized that she wasn't going to die out of my arms, then she was just fine. 

 We were sure glad that Batman decided to show up on Easter.  Who needs the Easter Bunny anyways? Batman will protect us way better than a oversized bunny! 

 My sister in law Hilary and her three cute girls came to visit the first week of April.  It was so fun to have them! We love it when we get to play with our Bates cousins as it doesn't happen often enough! It was a "french braid weekend" with I think everyone that had long enough hair to braid was in french braids.  I love each of these pictures as not a single on has everyone looking and happy.  These are great- with my kids have naked and all. 

 This is our Ruby Valentine.  She isn't convinced that she did anything to save the day like our book says.  She still made a cute prop for our Valentines Day picture! 

 This is Miles one of our Johnson cousins who lives across the street from us.  He got a book from the library one day- the chapter book Robin Hood.  Burke loves everything about Robin Hood and has the same book and loves it! Even though it has more words and phrases that I don't even understand the fact that it is about Robin Hood he still loves me to read it to him.  So Miles got the book from the library and came over and asked to read it to Burke! It was so cute to see both of them sitting on Burke's bed for about a half hour while Miles read it to a four year old!  I had to snap a picture to remember sweet Miles thinking how much Burke would love it if he read him the Robin Hood book! 

I had to at least document that we did get some snow this year.  It has been such a mild winter that we probably got only two or three major snow storms in the valley here! Both the kids got their snow gear on to go play out in it. So fun.  Boy how do I not miss the cold weather.  Here's to the next 6 months of nice warm weather!! Yippee!! 

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Stefenie said...

Hi! I found your blog by doing a search on the rastelli procedure. My son, who is now five years old, underwent the Rastelli at 5 years old. He is doing well and will be starting Kindergarten in a few weeks. It is wonderful to read that your little guy is doing so well! Best wishes for you and your family!