Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ruby Jane

 Remember this?  

Oh about a year ago our Ruby Jane came to us.

And now, after learning to roll over, sit up, army crawl, regular crawl, jabber, screech, pout, wave, walk and so much more...

...our super smiley baby turned one!! She is happy as can be and has tons and tons of personality!  We love having Ruby in our family.  She is a great sleeper, good eater and an awesome little sister! She received ruby red shoes for her birthday and a darling red bracelet that Emma spotted at the store, and her own "Love you Forever" book.  We celebrated her birthday at a Johnson gathering at Tyler's parents house next door.  We were all gathered to say farewell to our niece Macey who is going off to college.   Ruby loved diving into her cupcake and I have to say she was very polite and lady like while eating her cup cake! She nearly finished off the whole thing.  We love you little Rubers!! 

 The bottom picture is all those in the family (excluding Caleb- sorry you weren't there) who have August birthdays.  They all got a cup cake and candle to blow out!  Happy birthday everyone!! Stay tuned for Burke's birthday recap!!