Thursday, February 2, 2012

First Day of School

Here for the record are Emma and Burke's first day of school pictures way back from August of 2011. Hey I had just had a baby. At least the pictures were taken right? Anyways, I have been going through our pictures and stumbled upon these. Thought they were fun. Emma started Kindergarten this year and Burke is in preschool.


Here are some recent pictures of our Ruby! Is she not the cutest thing ever! I love the fact that I had a strong influence on my other two kids eye color. They both have such dark brown eyes and I love it. But I also love that Ruby's are totally different than the other two. She is different in a lot of ways. Burke and Emma look so much alike, hair and eye color as well as skin color. But this Ruby is throwing us for a curve. She is fair skinned and has almost blueish grayish eye color! She looks a ton like my dad and what I looked like as a baby (except the eye color)! It is fun to see the differences!

Rubers is 5 months already!! Boy it is crazy how time passes! She is super sweet and smiley! We think we have a daddy's girl on our hands. She is in love with her daddy! Every time she sees him she gets this HUGE smile on her face and starts chatting away with him! He loves it! Enjoy! The one below is obviously from Christmas of which I still have to post! Someday right?!