Sunday, April 5, 2009

ASU here we come!!!

On Wednesday, April 1, 2009 we received the most exciting news we have heard in a long time! Tyler got accepted into the Masters of Real Estate Development program at Arizona State University!!! And this is NO April fools! He applied for the program back in February and we have been on pins and needles since waiting for the news. If you look closely, Burke is sporting an ASU sweatshirt, and his face completely and utterly describes our excitement we are feeling right now!! CONGRATS DADDY, WE LOVE YOU!!

We learned about this program earlier this year and read that there was a chance he could get accepted without having to take the GMAT- a grueling test that he dreaded to take. The exemption was that if he had enough work related experience, which if you know Tyler and his family being in the development business, he had PLENTY of work related experience. He spent many hours putting together his application and felt proud of what he turned in as was I. There are only 35 people who get accepted with about 135 who apply. With those odds, we feel so blessed and are so grateful to get accepted. To have some guidance in our lives during these hard times is such a relief. And I am so proud of Tyler as he has worked so hard and is so excited to start anew down in the sunny state of Arizona!! We are grateful for those who helped write letters of recommendations and with editing and revising essays and resumes! THANK YOU, you know who are!

New Student Orientation starts on August 20 so we will probably make the move down there at the beginning of August. My sister Liz lives down there and we can't wait to live near each other and spend this next year together! PARTY in AZ!!