Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ruby's Story

Ruby Jane

Here I am below at the hospital right before I was induced. That's right I had to be induced again for the third time. Technically I chose to be induced, but for good reason. My due date was the day before Burke's 4th birthday. And we didn't want to chance having her on his birthday so we chose to be induced four days before his birthday. Now, my doctor and I both were certain this child would come way before her due date considering I was dilated to a 4, about 75% effaced and my cervix was super soft for about a month. But no, she was nice and comfy inside me and that is where she would stay until the induction date. I kept on having braxton hicks contractions (like the last 4 months) thinking any day near the end I would going into labor but I never did. My body was ready, but the contractions wouldn't come. Since I really wanted to experience going into labor myself with out PIT, I asked the doctor to just see if breaking my water would send me into labor without having to use PIT. And sure enough no more than about 20 min after he broke my water I was starting to have real contractions!! This is what I had been waiting for for 9+ months! I was welcoming the pain! It was cool, until the started hurting really really bad. I was contemplating going without an epidural, but who am I kidding. That pain is unreal. So, I finally told the nurse I'd like one and sure enough the doc was doing another epidural right then and that I would have to wait for mine. The contractions got worse and worse and finally it was my turn to have the epidural. I think we barely got it in and working before I was to push. It didn't work as well as the other two I've had. I felt more and could move my legs more than with the others but luckily there was little pain which was a huge blessing! I also did go really numb after the baby came. Ironic.

When they broke my water I was at a 6 or so. It took about two hours from that time until the baby was out. Quick, that's how I like it! I did have to push for about 15 minutes or so- which was way longer than with the other two. The reason could have been because Ruby was way bigger than the others were. They ended up giving me a kick of PIT when I was pushing to help make the contractions harder so I would feel the need to push. (It sort of slowed down near the end and that probably contributed to a longer delivery as well.)

Well, Ruby was born at 11:53 am and was 7 lbs 8 oz measuring 20 1/4 inches long. We are proud and grateful to say that she is healthy, strong and very very beautiful. Her heart was checked out to make sure they didn't miss anything in utero and sure enough, she passed with flying colors. We are sure grateful for a healthy baby!

Grandma Johnson brought big bro and big sis down to the hospital to see their new little sister! they were so thrilled to see her and hold her. Burke was very hyper at the hospital. He just wanted to hold her every second he was there. Emma was very calm and very motherly with the baby. She was helpful and knew how to hold her carefully and to be gentle with her.

We are so grateful she is here in our family. I can't believe it has been over a month since she was born! I'm sure I missed some details in her story, but that is pretty much it. Stay tuned for more posts: Ruby's blessing, First day of school, soccer and a summer time wrap up! (Can't believe it is already fall. I wanted summer to be over with so bad so I could have this baby since my pregnancy was horrible, and now I am wishing the warm weather would stick around for a little while longer. The winters are just too long and too cold for my bones. Oh well. )

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Our little Ruby finally made her presence known about a month ago. I can't believe I am finally posting again. The last post I wrote was when we announced that I was pregnant with her and now I am announcing her birth. Awesome. Regardless, she is here, she is healthy, she is adorable and she is our little Ruby Jane! So much has happened over the past month and more that I don't know what to write. So, I am just going to post pictures so I can get to bed soon because she is already down for the night. My sleep clock is ticking. So, please enjoy pictures from her first photo shoot that my good friend Becky Phillips took with Phillips Photography.

Monday, February 14, 2011



With Love From,
Emma, Burke and Baby #3!
Baby #3 is due to arrive sometime in mid August (which means I am 14 plus weeks along right now.) The baby is healthy and when the doctor checked the heart- all looks healthy and normal and good!! We told the kiddos about the baby about a week ago and they have been so excited since!
There- our secret is out! Hope you have a HAPPY DAY!