Friday, July 31, 2009

August (almost)

I can't believe that it is almost August. August seemed so far away just a few months ago. August to us, means packing up and moving from Utah back to Idaho for a short few days, then going through our storage in Idaho and deciding what to take to Arizona and what to leave in storage for the next 9 months. Then we have to pack the moving truck and FINALLY move our stuff and our little family down to Arizona!! August means a party to celebrate Burke's 2nd birthday and Tyler's hard work in getting into the MRED (Master's in Real Estate Development) program at ASU! August means a party for my sister Liz possibly at Disney Land- Hilary you are invited too- it would be sooo much fun to have you there!! August means hot hot weather-weather that we are not totally prepared for. August means living right next door to Liz (literally right next door and did I mention- PARTY?)!!!

What a fun fall and winter we are going to have and we are so excited and anxious to FINALLY move to the good ol Sun state of ARIZONA!! We will sure miss being so close to all Ty's family and friends in Idaho, and Martha and Jenny and the other family and friends we have recently met down in Utah. Needless to say, we are excited for this new adventure and where it will take us! BRING ON AUGUST!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cardiac MRI

Well, I am writing from the recovery room at Primary's! Burkie is sound asleep (from sedation) in recovery from a sedated cardiac MRI he just had. He is usually awake by now after the MRI, but this time is quite different and quite nice I might add. An asleep sedated baby is much nicer than an awake yet sedated baby!

I guess I better hurry up because he is starting to move a little. The doctor's report was good and that his arteries have seemed to grow from the last heart catheter. GREAT NEWS!! They will know more tomorrow when the complete MRI test results come back- they reconstruct the images from the heart to represent his actual heart. So, tomorrow we will know a more complete evaluation of how the testing went so stay tuned. But overall we and the doctors feel happy with the results!

We are now just going to wait. The doctors feel that nothing too urgent needs to happen with Burke and anytime soon (in regards to a surgery), so the plan as of right now is to wait. When we get down to Arizona we will get checked out by the Cardiologists there and just wait for when the time is right to fully fix his heart!

Seriously this kid is precious. Here he is the other day water color and notice the feeding tube again as well! Farewell, until next time when Burke will return to his happy self again!