Friday, September 18, 2009

Burke's 2nd Birthday!!

We enjoyed Burke's 2nd Birthday in August! This is a very classic picture of what happens when it is NOT Emma's Birthday. She thinks that the person whose birthday it is, can have NO chance to blow out the cake until after the song the designated time to officially blow out the candles! This likewise happened on Burke's first birthday, when Emma basically pushed Burke out of the way so she could blow out the candle not even allowing B the chance to do it. Classic. I know this looks very unsafe-oxygen on baby who is very, very close to an open flame. Don't worry he didn't explode, just so you know. Maybe that explains the funny expression on his face- he was probably feeling a little tingle in his nose- "okay a little too close to open flame guys!" Oh, and I know what you are thinking- who made that LAME cake. Yes, I will admit I had to give in a buy a store made store bought cake. Yes, I am officially a LAME-O mom. I felt like such a failure throughout the whole "Happy Birthday" song staring into the awful store bought LAME-O cake. I know you can say it, I have admitted my wrongs! (It was likewise smashed in the car as it slid across the seat on the way home from the store. YEP- LAME)!!!B playing with his trucks from Aunt Marth. He loved them, thank you!What ends a long fun birthday better than to cuddle on the recliner chair with your favorite blanket? This is a very classic picture of Burke sucking his two middle fingers on his right hand while holding and smelling the "taggie" from his FAVORITE blanket his cousins and grandma made. him. I have been meaning to document this very loved "lovie", but I haven't as of yet. Did I mention he LOVES that thing. We do not go anywhere with out it and it has saved us many a times in the hospital when nothing else would calm him.
I can't believe that it has been two years since this little man was born. We are so happy and feel so blessed that he has stayed with us for as long as he has. He has brought a sweet spirit into our home from the day he was born. He is the sweetest most personable little guy we know who makes everyone fall in love with him the second they see him. We are grateful for Heavenly Father above who has entrusted us with His sweet child. We are inspired and in awe of what this little boy has to go through and what he adapts to. I know that He is being watched over and protected daily from our Heavenly Father. We know for certain that we were to go through this trial in our lives to help us become better people and to bring us closer to the Lord. He has been so merciful and patient with us through this whole experience. We are forever grateful for all He has done for us in so many many ways. We hope and pray daily that Burke will be able to stay with us for a good long time, but we understand Burke has a specific purpose here on earth (as we all do) and we are trying daily to line our will with the Lord's will. I am so grateful that He is in charge and that we don't have to figure everything out on our own.

We love you Burke with all of our hearts and we are so grateful for you and what you have brought to our family. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

Okay, I'm back. I know you probably aren't checking our blog anymore because it has been over a month since our last post, but here I am starting again, yet I don't know where to begin. A TON has happened in the past month. We basically have been running around with out heads cut off. Our experience moving here to Arizona has been nothing short of ridiculous. No joke. Moving two states away is hard enough, but moving two states away with two kids and one who needs 24-hour medical care and a husband who is starting school is one difficult task. We have had to change medical insurances, medical supply companies twice now and figuring out a new pediatrician, a cardiologist, a GI dr all the while researching pediatric heart surgeons to find a great one who can evenutally do Burke's up coming surgery. This move has been a NIGHTMARE!!! But, we are here, and one month later I can say I am through the worst of it and only have two unopened boxes to go through in the house (there are more in the garage, but I can easily leave that alone and shut the door and not stress over that as much as I do the inside of the house).

Tyler is really liking school and the program at ASU. The program has gotten more intense with a lot of reading and studying. He is really enjoying himself though. He has been constantly searching for a used car for him to drive to school since we left our good ol truck in Utah to sell. I know how sad is that- we have loved "Rufus" and will miss it dearly. Tyler thought he would drive that truck into the ground. That was the truck Ty had when we were dating and so with it comes fond memories and we will miss it so much!! Okay, enough sappy talk about a TRUCK for goodness sakes! Let me just wipe my tears for a second here, okay, I'm better. Moral of the story is that he found a car tonight!!! Yippee!!!! We are thrilled. No more mooching off Liz and Ryan for their car.

We are glad to be here in Arizona but I aint gonna lie- we are a little homesick for Idaho and Utah for that matter though I never thought I would include Utah, but we do miss it. We had a great summer there in Orem living so close to "Marcia" or "Marth" (as Burke says) which ever one you please right Martha! The kids frequently ask to call Martha or grandma or grandpa or want to go to grandma Johnson's house. I think it is that saddest thing when Burke asks, "go Grandma's house, mommy?" and I have to tell him that we live way far away from her house. Burke has been the phone talker lately. He wants to talk to EVERYONE!!! It is so fun.

We likewise miss the weather changes. I feel my body wanting and yearning for the fall weather to come. For the smells and the colors that my senses are expecting. I guess we do have a slight change in season here from hot summer to slightly less hot summer. It is kind of weird that my body has already adjusted to the heat and I can tell when it is extremely hot vs. just hot. It has actually cooled off a little lately, I think today was only around 100 degrees. But really it hasn't been too bad, though I do complain often and I bet Liz is so sick of my comments about the heat. Sorry Liz, really.

Okay, enough talking here are some photos of what we have done this past month. Enjoy!!

Here we are at the duck pond in Provo, Utah before leaving for Arizona. The kids LOVED it!
Something was obviously HILARIOUS!! I love it.
PricelessEmma is telling Burke to be quiet so they can catch a duck to hold.While still in Utah Hilary with Abby and baby Hannah came to visit to see us one last time before we moved to Arizona. We had a blast and my kids still talk about when Abby and baby Hannah came to visit. Thanks for coming Hil it was so fun- crazy and busy but FUN!! Burke and Abby are only 5 weeks apart.
This has got to be the cutest most sweetest pictures. I love it for many reasons. This is Diego, Burke's cousin who is about 9. He was playing over at Grandma's when we were there before moving down to Arizona. He along with Rafael and a few of the other cousins were playing outside in the court yard. I was trying to either pack or do laundry or something inside the house and I couldn't have Burke go outside without me wheeling his oxygen around. Burke wanted so badly to go outside with his cousins to play. So, I opened the door and Diego saw that Burke wanted to go out so bad so he came over and grabbed the oxygen tank and started to wheel it outside so Burke could come play. Priceless. I couldn't believe he would do that, being so young himself, but he just did it without any hesitation. I love that he would think of Burke and do that for him. Burke's cousins love him so much and I am grateful for their love for him. So, thank you Diego, I will never forget that moment.

These pictures are from a little family get together at grandma's house in Idaho. You can tell they are for sure NOT Arizona with how green the grass is. We had a great time that night and miss all our family there! Burke for sure misses the 4 wheeler, his one true love. Here he is sitting on the 4 wheeler talking with "Favorite".

Kristin Tyler's sister, has taught Burke that her name is "Favorite". It is hilarious, because he actually calls her that. Kristin, can you see your glasses and hair in this picture? These are so cute I need to email the rest to you. Here are most of the adults gathered on the back patio at Ty's parents house. This is another very classic picture of the Johnson clan and I LOVE it!! I miss nights like this where we just sit around all evening talking with each other while the kids go where ever they want and do whatever they please. Thanks everyone for coming, we had a blast and it was a great way to say good-bye!In the moving truck with Dad in Arizona!! I will update the pictures of our first few weeks in Arizona another night. But until then I am going to bed. This has been a daunting task and I finally got myself to update this blog!
Stay tuned for .....Our trip to Disney Land.... Burke's birthday... and more!!!